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Your QBE Automotion Development manager will have set you up on our online claims system and provided training on how to make a claim. If your password for the online claims system has expired, click "Forgot Password" to receive a new one via email. If you are unable to make an online request for a repair, please phone the claims team on 0800 077 8489

Prior authority must be obtained before the repair commences

Please click either the Gold, Silver or MOT Test Warranty button below to view a list of covered parts. A listed part may not be covered if the cause of failure is not covered (e.g. corrosion, wear and tear failure at over 70,000 miles)
> Gold Cover  > Silver Cover  > MOT Warranty

1. Obtain the customers authority to carry out any fault finding or dismantling so that the fault can be properly diagnosed.              
2. Complete the enquiry form giving a) failure mileage b) the failed part c) the cause of failure d) quote the cost of repairs and e) a brief description of the fault.
3. Send the completed enquiry form to enquiries.automotion@uk.qbe.com
4. A member of our claims team will then be in contact with you.
5. Prior authority must then be obtained before the repair commences.
6. Confirm who Automotion should reimburse once the repair has been approved.

As a a rule diagnosis time is not covered by Automotion warranty.
The only exceptions being those repairs highlighted in the manuafacturer repair manual as requiring an error code to be found using the IDS machine.              
Automotion warranty will only pay for the labour times shown in the manufacturer repair manual.        

The customer must authorise the stripping down.
This is for occasions where no failed part is found, and there is no valid repair.              
If a failed part is located and a valid repair authorised, Automotion will pay for the stripping and reassembling of the engine/gearbox.              

Car hire is only available 24 hours after work has commenced on the vehicle, which is a repair time of over 8 hours.            
An alternator or starter motor would never qualify for car hire as the repair time is only 2 - 3 hours
In certain circumstances where a short engine must come from the manufacturer, car hire will be paid.            
In cases where a part is on back order or the repairer is too busy to repair the vehicle immediately, car hire is not available.
If the repair qualifies for car hire, a request should be included when obtaining repair authority.            

For online claims, the initial response time is 10 minutes.            
If you have provided the relevant documentation, authorisation should follow the same day.            
For larger engine/gearbox claims an engineer may have to inspect the stripped down components (next day assessment).            

No excess, Automotion pays the full authorised repair cost (unless the customer has chosen a warranty with a voluntary excess).             
No betterment charge, we pay for new genuine parts, even if the vehicle is over 10 years old or 100,000 miles.
If you wish to use factor or reconditioned parts, because there is a £1,000 or £2,000 claim limit, Automotion will not object.             

No 30 day period, Automotion warranty has day one cover.
If a wiper motor works on the delivery date and fails the next day, Automotion will pay for the repair          

VAT invoices should be emailed to enquiries.automotion@uk.qbe.com      

For repairers already set up on the Automotion online claims system, please upload your invoice via Manage Attachments/Attach Invoice, so that there is a paperless transaction.

Once the VAT invoice has been received, a BACS payment will be made upon the 20th of the following month.

Please click the link below and you will be contacted by the Development Manager for your region. Click here        

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