Competitively priced cover


We are an A+ rated insurer, so no middle men or brokers are involved in pricing and negotiations. We believe this provides us with a tremendous advantage over traditional third party administration companies.

Competitive pricing

We ensure that our pricing is competitive and more importantly accurate, ensuring customer satisfaction and long term profitability from our products. 

Different cover levels

Different cover levels and claim limits are available to suit your business strategy and customer appetite.

Rating and pricing information

If you wish to understand how our pricing methodology works please contact us as we are happy to discuss your requirements. 

Underwriting team

We have our own international renowned underwriting team, who are specialists in all product lines. 

We pride ourselves on the very best and accurate underwriting rates based on real-time data analysis using our industry leading multi million transaction data warehouse. Our pricing and rating model covers all classes enabling us to provide you with the most accurate and competitive quotes for all makes and models. 


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