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Business development

Our dealer training and business development services have a proven record of increasing customer retention improving customer satisfaction and generating increased margins and revenue streams.

Our product range is both flexible and comprehensive and we are constantly innovating to provide new ways for dealers to stay ahead of the pack and ensure commercial success both now and into the future 

Business improvement

We like to think that our clients and partners agree that working with Automotion improves business performance and increases bottom line profitability. We apply a proven and trusted business development strategy that augments sales team training, compliance and claims management into a well defined and comprehensive strategy that brings success. 

Development team

Our talented business development team will help franchised and non-franchised motor retailers take products to market by training and developing the sales teams to achieve maximum potential and revenue in a fully compliant way, helping to grow and sustain the business strategy.

We listen

We all know that business development can only occur with a collaborative approach. The first rule is of course to listen. It is only by understanding that we can help and make recommendations. We have regular reviews allowing all parties to discuss and amend the services provided , and we actively encourage our strategies to be challenged, modified and improved both for the business and the customer. 

Experienced and trusted

We continually, review, adapt, update and assess all of our business processes. 

Working with us can be hard work, but I think you will agree, that being the best is worth it. 


Development team

The business development team have the same high expectations as you do. All clients receive, irrespective of size brand or status will be provided with a customised development programme designed to develop the business.

  • A team leader with proven experience to develop your business
  • A workshop assessment with your team to understand and develop the strategy 
  • Tailored Training plan that all staff can follow
  • World class system implementation to support the business
  • Comprehensive Launch, integration and implementation plan followed through to live
  • Continual professional development covering sales, process, enhancements and aftersales support
  • Comprehensive Launch, integration and implementation plan followed through to live
  • Fully compliant process covering FCA GDPR TCF and other industry standard regulations.


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