1. Obtain the customers authority to carry out any fault finding or dismantling so that the fault can be properly diagnosed.
2. Complete the enquiry form giving a) failure mileage b) the failed part c) the cause of failure d) quote the cost of repairs and e) a brief description of the fault.
3. Send the completed enquiry form to enquiries.automotion@uk.qbe.com
4. A member of our claims team will then be in contact with you.
5. Prior authority must then be obtained before the repair commences.
6. Confirm who Automotion should reimburse once the repair has been approved.

Please click either the Gold, Silver or MOT Test Waarranty button below to view a list of covered parts.
A listed part may not be covered if the cause of failure is not covered (e.g. corrosion, wear and tear failure at over 70,000 miles)
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> Silver

Diagnosis time is not covered by Automotion warranty.

The only exceptions being those repairs highlighted in the manuafacturer repair manual as requiring an error code to be found.

Automotion warranty will only pay for the labour times shown in the manufacturer repair manual.

There will be some instances where repairs cannot be authorised until the vehicle has been dismantled. In these cases the repairer will need the customers authority to dismantle the vehicle for proper diagnosis prior to commencing any repairs.

Provided that the failure is covered repairs will be authorised. In instances where the failure is not covered by the warranty, the customer will be responsible for all costs associated with dismantling the vehicle.

Costs for dismantling major components will be accepted as part of the overall repair cost providing the repair is authorised.

Providing you have supplied all relevant information and any documentation required in most cases a response can be given on the same day, typically within 20 minutes.

For repairs involving major components such as engine/gearbox/ axle an independent engineer may be appointed to inspect the dismantled components.

Automotion pays the full authorised repair cost (unless the customer has chosen a warranty with a voluntary excess). There is no betterment charge

No 30 day wait period, Automotion warranty provides day one cover.

VAT invoices can be emailed to enquiries.automotion@uk.qbe.com or by post to Automotion Administration, Coval Wells, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1WZ

Once a valid VAT invoice and your bank details have been received payments are made on or around the 19th of the following month.

Cover under this warranty excludes components that are changed as part of a routine service as set out by the manufacturer or items that require regular replacement due to wear and tear.

Such items would include but are not limited to filters, spark plugs, fluids and lubricants, brake pads, brake disc’s and tyre’s.. For covered items please refer to our “What is covered” section.

Please click here to see the whole list of covered components

Overheating, cracks and failures to cylinder heads and cylinder blocks as a result of damage caused by overheating, lack of lubrication and carbon build up. Burnt or pitted valves. Any part not listed under covered components, for example but not limited to the following:

• aerials; deployed airbags; batteries; body; door seals; electrical wiring and wiring looms.
• batteries or cells for hybrid vehicles, including any consequential loss that may occur due to failure of a covered component.
• exhaust manifolds; fixings and fastenings;
• nuts/bolts/studs/clips and springs (other than suspension springs): glass
• interior/exterior trim; paint work; bodywork; or
sub-frames and cross-members; upholstery; lamp units and lamp clusters; screen/window/door seals; wheels; parts damaged by water ingress or corrosion; bonnet, boot and fuel flap release and hinges.

For a full list of exclusions click here.  

Monthly instalments are interest free so no additional charges are incurred.

The cost of the warranty is individually tailored according to the age and mileage of your vehicle.

You can call us on 020 3510 9447 to take up your quote.

You may activate your warranty renewal policy up to 120 days after your existing warranty has expired. Please note that we are NOT able to backdate any cover or pay any claims incurred during the period of time between when your previous warranty elapsed and when your new policy starts.

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